February 22, 2008

Friday finds and inspiration

I think this may be one of my favorites of Tara's. She is a true artist.

Two fun music finds. One from Zach (it automatically plays when you open the page) and one found through this picture. ps. I miss Zach's posts. He always gives great music suggestions....

My friend, who has triplet of her own, sent me this unbelievable story. Can you even fathom being 16 with 6 kids?!!!!!

This gives all us Dillon Panther fans some much needed hope. Need something good to watch tonight? NBC.com has all of FNL online for FREE. Please, please just try it....

The X Men Origins: Wolverine cast now contains some of my favorites. Dominic (Lost and I can never be best friends again just because they killed him off. jerks), Hugh, Taylor and Ryan (anyone else remember Two Guys a Girl and Pizza Place? Anyone?).

Some Jinky Art. One (I'm always drawn to multi-cultural families especially if they have little Asian babies!). Two. Three. I've been a huge fan of hers for years. The colors in her pictures are so delicious I want to dive in and swim around in them. I would LOVE to get her actions one day.

Lovely little preview of a wedding book that one of my favorite photographers made for their client. Isn't the music just perfect?! And, dear goodness, I NEED their actions.

A couple Flickr faves....uno, dos, tres.

And of course Pioneer Woman. This post was my favorite of the week. I am just loving this site. Has anyone else gotten addicted yet?

All right, gang. That's it for this week on my end. Did anyone else find anything fun?

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Gina said...

You should start watching Jon and Kate + 8. You would love it. The kids are Asian American and it is just so entertaining.