February 20, 2008

Lesson for all you high heel wearers

A story from the depths of Atlantic City:

She had on the type of outfit that gets second looks, but not for a good reason. 5 inch heels and booty shorts (reminder: this is NJ in February) with a blouse. And we are talking BOOTY shorts. Like Daisy Duke short.
When she walked by me and B we both looked at each other. No actual words were spoken for a moment, but if they were spoken it would be something like....

Who is she kidding?!
Does she know how ridiculous she looks?!

It was one of those poor girls who you kinda feel sorry for because she doesn't know that she doesn't look "sexy/pretty" like she think she does. She looks ridiculous. The shoes are just plain ridiculous.

Well, we forgot about 5 inch heel girl and continued our walk around the indoor mall. We came to the end of a section of the mall and the 3rd floor just ended with a escalator going up. We needed to go down. Of course, one of us decides to go DOWN the UP escalator. Then it becomes a challenge because we didn't want to be the one left behind searching for another staircase. Challenge accepted and accomplished by all. And oh the scene that was waiting for us at the bottom.

We turned and looked up the back hallway behind the escalator and there was 5 inch heel girl. She was with her boyfriend (we think). But she was leaning against a large pillar with one knee bent and her hand grabbing her foot. It appears (from our extensive spying deductions) that her heels have gotten the best of her. She must have rolled her ankle or done something else equally as painful. We keep watching (from around the corner, trying to be invisible) and she finally can't take the standing any longer. She is now on her hands and knees gasping for pain freedom with her hand up to her boyfriend so he won't come any closer. It was just pitiful. And definitly not something you see every day. I must say that we did laugh. Sorry to disappoint all of you that think we took the high road.

The rest of the trip that image would keep popping into my mind I and would laugh out loud. So beware all of you who think high heels are "the bomb diggity." You can roll you ankle at any second and completely humiliate yourself all in the name of fashion. Is it really worth it? Well, my 5 pairs of tennis shoes and only 1 measly pair of 2 inch heels say no.

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