February 25, 2008

Oscar confession

Confession: I cry every time I watch the Oscars. Mostly when it's people I don't even know like the Short Animation Feature or the Art Direction or Costume Design. I think about all the work they put towards their little project and how they earned a Oscar just like any big movie star, but they didn't have a stylist to do their hair or pick out a dress. They are just normal people. And they are SO excited to be recognized for their hard work.

As a little girl, I was convinced that I would one day win an Oscar. I would buy the fancy dress and walk the red carpet and hear my name called by someone I admired. I always won in my dreams. I was never just "happy to be nominated."

I had worked for years and years on this one little project that I was so proud of. My family would all be watching at home, crowded around their TV's. My parents would see all that money they put towards my "production" major was worth something (instead of going to waste like it is now....).

Sometimes in my dream, I would be married and my extra handsome husband, who was dressed to the nines, was beaming as I stood on stage and thanked him deeply for his love and patience as I worked on this project. Sometimes, I would be still be single because my life long project had consumed my life and I didn't have time for things like a relationship. My guest with me would be one of my siblings depending on which one I had been getting along with at the moment. We would laugh and have fun on the red carpet and gawk over all the famous people we would walk by on the red carpet. I would thank them for all their love and laughter in my life.

I would be handed my award by some fabulous star who I would be just as excited to meet as I was getting the actual statue. Like Harrison Ford. One of my childhood movie star loves.

I would try desperately hard not to cry, but a few tear would trickle down my cheek as I thanked all those important people who made my project possible. Then of course, I would say "thank you, Jesus for giving Your life so I may live" cause wouldn't that just be the coolest place ever to share Jesus?!

Then I would walk gracefully off the stage just as the music begins to play, something by John Williams with violins, I think. I would chit-chat with Harrison and tell him that I used to wish I could fly around in the Millennium Falcon. He would smile and look at me like I was a loon, but I wouldn't care a snitch cause I was holding a freakin' Oscar.

That over active imagination was pretty cool. I don't know that it's really gone though cause today I was imagining that I was riding a broomstick with Harry Potter, zipping around camp property, laughing as we tried to knock each other off our broomsticks with the "stupify" spell jetting from the end of our wands. And of course it was warm outside. No good dreams take place in the cold. Yuk.


My favorite moment from the Oscars last night. So sweet and kind and humble. I love that they let her come back out. I've been wanting to see this movie forever. Love that they met on the movie (filmed in 3 weeks for $100,000, which is pocket change in Hollywood) and then fell in love and toured the world doing concerts with the songs they sang in the movie. That's another movie in itself.

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Gina said...

Mike loved that movie and the song.