February 24, 2008

private eyes are watchin' you...they see your every move

This weekend, I started doing something totally fun. Kinda like reverse stalking, but not really. Stalking is a little severe of a word to use in this case. I signed up with a company to help me keep track of who is on my site, where they are from, what their favorite color is, their home address and telephone number. You know, all the vital info....just kidding.
I DO have a program that lets me check in on how many people have visited my site and where they found me. It has been very inter-esting to see who comes to read my little musings. I can almost pin point every person, but not everyone. Just so you don't freak out, there is actually no personal info included in my reports. The closest thing I get is the city you are from and that's only because of the internet connection you have. Don't fret. I can't come to your front door one day and ask for some cookies and milk. Wish I could. It would be fun to chat with each of you face to face and hear you talk about your life rather that listen to me ramble on and on about mine.
So, if you are usually a lurker (which I am totally guilty of in one time or another) here's your chance to introduce yourselves. Say hi! What part of the world do you call home? It would be fun to know your name, but no pressure. Of course you could totally make up a name and I would never know. Maybe you'll meet a new friend through the comments. That's happened to me before! The opportunities of fun and excitement are endless in blog world.

Love you, all my dear, sweet readers. And all of you that think you can read and I "won't ever know...." the end is here. Time to reveal yourself just like the final Cylons on Battlestar Galactica.

***and if any of you are Battlestar fans, let me know so we can chat about who you think the final few are. I have theories. If you don't understand anything about that sentence, well, I can't help you...


twentyfivetolife said...

Um, there is only one cylon that we don't know about yet, and I'm thinking that it's either Starbuck or Adama.

Anonymous said...

Hey did my Nanny come up as one of your readers yet?? I think it is so funny that my dad found out about the burning house from her, and she found out from your blog! AWESOME!

Katie's Story said...

You know I read, but I just wanted to say hi! I think T's on to something about Starbuck! When does that start up again anyway?