February 23, 2008


That's what my day was. I'm deep in a new project and it's taking up almost all of my extra time.

I did manage to kill a couple minutes in Borders reading this little gem. Gotta say that I laughed at myself because I was too cheap to plunk down $13 for it, so I read it standing up in the store. Oh, well.
I also started this book (it's a habit, I tell you. I can't buy a book until I've read at least one chapter while standing in the store). It's written in such an interesting way. Not normal sentences and paragraphs. Anyone else read anything by Ellen Hopkins? (ps...they are young adult novels. I always get lost in this section with so many fun choices. And they are usually cleaner than adult novels.)

I found some amazing deals at H&M. They had all their winter clearance for $1-10. I got 4 pairs of long gloves, a dress and 2 scarves for a mere $20. Plus I had a return for $8. LOVE deals like that!

But, of course, the main things I was hunting for were no where to be found today. And I also realized how much I HATE shopping for summer clothes in the winter. You just don't look your best in bitter cold February.

The rest of the day was spent painting and sanding. I'm a lovely mess! Can't wait to see the final product. More on the project soon....

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