February 07, 2008

grab your remotes....

Today was a much better day. Maybe because the sun is BRIGHTLY shining and it's not very cold outside. Maybe, but I know that it's more because so many of you have been praying. For that and for all your little "love" notes and comments I send you a big hearty *thank you* complete with {{{hug}}}. God's love has been so evident to me these last few days. It's amazing...

Anyway, I do have something fun to write about today. I'm so happy to feel the writing mojo come back. I miss it so when it's gone. I hate when it's all trapped inside my head!
Yesterday, I received in the mail something very exciting. Now, you may not care one lick about this, but oh, well. I got a big, lovely, green and blue envelope from Nielsen TV ratings. That's right folks. For the next 7 days. I will be determining what is good TV. My vote WILL count. My little cottage will be a representative for thousands/millions of homes. I got 2 diaries. One for each TV in our home. Each of us cottage dwellers will be writing down what we watch. Every show. Then we mail in back in 1 week to Nielsen and they calculate the ratings that you hear so much about and that determine what is and isn't going to stay on TV.
What does that mean? Well, anyone who watches TV at my house will be rating television programs. When you hear about a TV program not getting "good ratings" or maybe a program you like is canceled because of "poor ratings," this is what they are talking about. Nielsen is the #1 ratings company in television. Each week, they put out a statement for what is #1 thru whatever on TV. This week, the cottage will help to decide that.
Again, I know this may not interest some of you, but for me, who has had a life long love of TV and has diligently watched the Nielsen ratings for years, this is a HUGE deal! I've always wanted to be able to do this! So many times shows I love are canceled because of "poor ratings" and each time I say..."if only I could be one of those ratings people.." See! Exciting times!
How did I this happen? Well, luck of the draw. I was randomly selected and called and asked to participate. That's it.
So, in honor of my Nielsen week, I'll post what I watch each day in the side bar. Fun TV times here, folks!


tara said...

i'm glad the mojo is back! you are so loved...and so loving.
and of course, hooray for your part in tv ratings!

Anonymous said...

I just love reading your blog. It makes me smile :o) Are you sure your not secretly dating someone at Nielson rating???? That's a little suspicious that YOU of all people were picked to do this....hmmm, what do you think blog readers?

love you, Di