February 01, 2008

Friday finds and inspiration

Some sweet stuff I found while clicking around this week. Enjoy!

Fun Etsy shop

Cool stitches. (found on Danielle's site)
Sublime Stitching I want "spaced out."

I saw this a couple months ago in Adorn. Now that I have a sewing machine I have to make it.

Flickr fun
This and

Rob Ryan

You can watch the Oscar nominated Animation Shorts here.

For all of you that are hoping to have an inexpensive wedding check out this site.

Hula Seventy again. She inspires me constantly:

Look who had a baby! They can make any place look fantastic. Again, left kidney available for sale the next time they have a workshop.

I love the idea of using a white room as your blank canvas. And the decorations are incredible!

I'm always in awe of Danielle's photos. In this post she gives away some of her secrets.

The Lights are still shining bright tonight. (Now I know you are all running out of things to watch and you don't want to stoop to American Idol and the 100 other reality shows that are jamming up the schedule. Won't you give this sweet, happy, perfectly delightful show a chance. Don't let the football scare you. You like well written shows with characters you can love? This is it, baby.)

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