February 27, 2008


Hi! My name is Luke. My favorite auntie (she totally made me say that) wanted me to tell you a little more about our trip to Disney World in December. She didn't take any of these pictures, mind you. She totally swiped them from Nana. Thief. Anyway...

This is me rockin' Auntie's sweet glasses. She pretty much dresses like a rock star. I think I look way better in them though. Plus, look at my sweet ride. It's perfect for waving at the ladies.

Pop and Nana and Great Grandma took me on a boat ride (they made me bring mom and dad though). Note Great Grandma's winter gear. It was about 50 degrees outside. That's swimming weather where I'm from. Wimps. And what's up with Pop's smile? Does he have a fly stuck in his teeth? These are the things I think about....

Yea, it's me. Does anyone else wonder why Nana chose this view of the poor horse? Poor guy. You can tell by my expression that I am wondering the same thing at the moment this picture is being taken. Also, why the heck do they have horses at SEA World. They don't live in the the sea....what? Oh, they pull the beer wagon. Of course. Silly me. I'm sure Uncle Tim took full advantage of that.

So I like to suck my thumb. So what? I think it's cool. You got a problem with that?
As you can tell, I'm trying my hardest to look like I don't belong with these people. I'm mean just look at them? Except for Auntie, the rock star (totally made me say that again), they all look a little needy and crazy. But, hey, that castle was pretty cool. Another crazy factoid. I had a temperature here and Auntie was sick too. But we're made of steel and conquered the Kingdom anyway. Yeah, I'm hard core.

Oh, yeah, I remember this. We were having a serious discussion about actors named Zach and how "they are the cutest ones in Hollywood. You know like Zach Braff and Zachary Levi." (I included links so you will understand who these guys were.) I had no clue what she was talking about, but I like to humor her cause she's 30 and still single. I think she deserves some attention from a boy no matter how old. Plus, that zipper was, like, the best thing to chew on in all of Florida. I WILL listen to her ramble on about Zachs just to chomp on that thing for a couple minutes.

Hey, there's my mom! She says that she loves Auntie and she wishes that she lived closer. Me, too. They must be smiling cause they got to be together for 2 whole weeks.

Dad wouldn't let me do anything but sit on the speeder. If he had turned his head for 2 seconds, I would have been out of there faster than that silly Ewok on the movie. I mean, look at my form?!

I have no idea what this is. I was "NOT ALLOWED TO RIDE" something so intense. I think it was Splash Mountain. Auntie says it's one of her favorites. If it was, why didn't she take ME? I like the water. I like splashes.
Look at the kid in front of them. Uncle Tim said he totally crammed into a seat in between this couple. They had no idea who he was. Now, that's the way to go. Gotta write that one down.....

Please, don't tell me there is proof of this stupid hat. Get it off my head! Now! Mom looks like she's falling asleep and dad has a death grip on me. It's just a boat ride, guys!

My auntie says these are two of her favorite things. Riding the Disney buses and giving me kisses. I agree with the first cause again, I love a sweet ride. But for goodness sake. I have a reputation to uphold. Do I need kisses on the way to Epcot? I say NO! Oooo, but this sweatshirt did have a nice string to chew. That must be why I'm smiling.

Dude, my Pop is so cool. He is pretty much Jack Sparrow's twin. We had just gotten off this sweet boat ride (yes another one) called Pirates of the Caribbean. It had a super fun hill. I got to see anamatronic pirates and ships and cannon balls splashing. I liked it....

So there you go. Hope you enjoyed my little slide show. I'm off to find another sweet ride.....

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Katie's Story said...

We do miss you so much, Auntie! You can come and push me around in my sweet ride here anytime. Or maybe soon I'll push you around!