February 10, 2008

for you, Daddy

Yesterday was my dad's birthday, or "Daddy" as I call him. You're never to old to call you father "Daddy," I say. He got the yucky thing going around from his grandson. So nice of him to share that with "Pop Pop" before he left! I won't get to see him for a couple days so I wanted to say hello here.
Love you, Daddy-O. I'm so very thankful to be your daughter and to have such a Godly, amazing man to be my father. I love that he still gives me big, long hugs and lets me sit on his lap when I go home. He still makes me laugh and still watches the West Wing with me. He can fix anything. He works on my car for free. He loves to travel. He's been married for 34 years. He loves kids and still works in AWANA's at church even though his kids have been done with it for about 10 years. He is giving and loving and mine.
Love you! See you soon, with a present and dinner out.

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