February 11, 2008

early find

I wanted to wait and post this on Friday in my Friday Finds. Think I still will, but I just can't hold it in that long.
I've heard about Pioneer Woman for a while now from bloggy friends. I clicked over there one or two times just to read one quick entry. Today, I did so once again only I couldn't get out of the site. I was like Han Solo on the Millennium Falcon when he gets stuck in the Death Star's tractor beam. Sucked in, but in a good way.

Ever read a good book? You know the kind that you can't put down. It's even better when there are sequels to said book and you run like a mad woman to the nearest store to find the next one so you can continue to speed read every word. Been there. Recently, in fact. My childhood was full of that scenario.
PW is pretty much like that. The site has been up for a while, (how on God's green earth have I not discovered it's wonder before, I know not.) so it is a treasure trove of stories, photos and moments. I adore good writing. It makes my "thumbs prick with magic" (as Jane of Lantern Hill would say). It makes me stop reading in the middle of sentences to think about the wonderful mix of words I had just encountered and the re-read them again so as not to miss anything. PW's words are those kind. She has the gift of a born storyteller.

I'm honored to be friends with a girl like that. Born storyteller. I never knew they really existed until I met her. We met in college and I swear that I would go into her room and sit on her bed and listen to her tell stories for literally hours. Sometimes she would be nice enough and grant my request to hear a story over and over. The most mundane event would be transformed by her words and voice. I desperately miss those days of living 1 door away from her. Now we have to swap stories through email, which is nice, but not the same....

Anyway, enjoy PW in all her glory. A few of my favorite posts, so far, are:

Her phone conversation with her brother. (I was giggling, hysterically as I listened to their conversation. OK, I've listened to it about 4 times already...)

The engagement dinner. (the magic is all over that one)

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels (I'm on chapter 4, and, help me, I can't stop)

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