January 17, 2009

Faith without deeds is dead

This song was on Amazima's site (Katie's blog). I haven't been able to stop humming it and pondering the lyrics especially after reading all of Katie's blog, and the stories that refuse to leave my thoughts. Plus last Sunday, our pastor talked about James 2:14-26 (faith without works is dead).

I love the line in the song:

"Now that I have seen, I am responsible."

I need to be reminded of that. When I hear (or see) something that I believe God is speaking to me about (like orphans in China or Uganda or wherever), I am now responsible for that knowledge. I am responsible, if my choice is not to do anything.

We were talking about this in my small group on Monday. It was a wrap up for this book, which I HIGHLY recommend. One of his quotes is...

"Don't choose issues; choose people....then you won't have to worry about which cause you need to protest (or be involved in). Then the issues will choose you."

We were talking about how there are so MANY things that we could be involved in. How do we choose? The author's passion was for the poor and homeless. That was the area that he felt God called to his heart. It may not be the same for me/us. But He will reveal those things. And when He does, do I take action or just think that someone else will do it?

I want to be proactive in the areas that God leads me. My personal passions may not be someone else's, but I am responsible for what He is doing in MY heart and not theirs. I don't want to waste an opportunity, like sponsoring a Compassion child or helping parents afford adoption through Shaohannah's Hope, because I think "oh, someone else will do that." I want to be involved and active in the areas that my heart cries out for.

*****You can hear more of Brooke Fraser's music on her myspace music page.


RaCeQu said...

I saw her in concert back during the summer...


This song was so special to her. She wrote it after she got back from a trip from Africa where she met a little girl named Albertine. She promised Albertine that she would share her story wherever she went. It has a lot more to it... but it was a powerful testimony that I have yet to forget.

RaCeQu said...
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cottage girl said...

I'm so jealous you saw her live! Was she with William Fitzsimmons? I heard they were touring together. I love him, too.