January 03, 2009

my little day in the life

I can't believe that my nice long holiday break is about over. While I did get much accomplished (new car? check. finish painting bedroom? check. See a movie? check (seven pounds). hang out with friends and family? check.), there still seems to be a list of things that just won't get done before I head back to work on Monday.

It also becomes the time of year when camp starts to get crazy. Our "slow" period is over. Retreats, banquets, recruiting, camp fairs, registrations, lots of camp planning. The madness is right around the corner. But honestly, I can't wait because that means that camp will begin in only 6 short months. Even though this will by my 11th summer, it just doesn't get old. I still love it so much and can't wait to see those little faces appear come June.

So, today I took one more chance to get some stuff done. Took down the Christmas decorations. The tree looks so sad just waiting for it's fateful trip to the fire pit. I also finally finished up the painting I started at Thanksgiving. Hung a few things on my walls. And the whole time I watched more of this....

Dear goodness, help me. I can't stop watching. Guilty pleasure that perfect for something to listen to in the background when I'm working on other things. That darn Clark Kent is just so adorable and likable. And this season is by far the best.

Ok, enough rambling. Signing off for the night...

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