January 28, 2009

Icy day....

...full of slipping and sliding down the sidewalks and steps.
Ice falling from tree limbs.

And it was foggy too.
Complete with foghorns from passing boats.

I love how it looks here when it's foggy. Kinda like I'm inside a story and the rest of the "real world" is going on outside of the fog. Everyone else is going on about their business, but I'm living in a magical spot that no one can find.

Oh, I know why....
When I was in college I was on the backstage crew for lots of musicals. (fun, fun, beyond fun!) My favorite was Brigadoon. It was about a magical town in the Highlands of Scotland that only appeared for one day every 100 years. "And this is what happened, the strange thing that happened when two weary hunters, lost their way." Oooo, I loved the music in that one.
Anyway, at the end, the stage fills with fog and Fiona calls to Tommy from across the bridge even though she should have disappeared. The fog is the curtain dividing the real world from the magical one. That's what foggy days feel like to my over-active imagination.

Ok, I'm done rambling. It was a icy, foggy day.

The end.