January 16, 2009

new photos return

They aren't the best pictures in the world, but it was heavenly to hear that shutter click again. Oh, how I've missed you, sunlight, and the wonder you bring to my aperture.

The furry one seems to be enjoying her stay at Chez Cottage. I'm loving having a galloping, black streak zip towards me as soon as I open the front door at the end of my day. She's a crazy one, but I love her.

It is bitter cold here on the water, as of late. Way below freezing during the day with horrid wind chills. And the nights....let's not speak of them. The Cottage is whistling in the wind while the heat is trying it's hardest to keep up. Did I mention that I hate winter? And the 500 layers of clothing that it requires? Cause I do. I really, really do.

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