January 20, 2009


If you could wake up anywhere tomorrow, where would it be?

Found here, which led me to this site.

My answers (because I couldn't narrow it down to one):

  • The Dragonfly Inn in Stars Hallow on a day that there is a town meeting and breakfast at Luke's.
  • A house on the shores of Sunset Beach in Oahu.
  • In my college apartment with all my college friends around me so we could talk and act like 20 year old's again. Sigh....I miss those days.
  • A Friday Night in Dillion, TX during football season. Only if Tim Riggins, Matt, Smash and Landry are playing. And I can sit next to Tyra and Julie.
  • At Katie's house in Uganda on a Friday night when all the kids come for dinner. And we would have enough food to feed everyone who came. I could sit and snuggle with them and sing songs.
  • At an orphanage in China where I can hug little babes all day.
  • At Hogwarts in year one of Harry's time there.
  • The Seafarer room in the Historic Maplethorpe B&B in Prince Edward Island. Preferable on a sunny warm summer day and lots of time for Anne sight seeing.

See what other people said here. And be sure to watch the short video's too. I loved the one in England. It reminded me what a beautiful rainbow of humanity God created.

And what would your answer be by the way?

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Nick and Kaley said...

I would go to Narnia. Or Year Six of HP to make out with Ron or something.