January 01, 2009

lazy days

(why this photo? because it's the "Talon" from Smallville. taken on my trip to Vancouver in '06)

Sorry I haven't posted today.
Truthfully, I've been lazy.
Enjoying nothing to do.
Watching lots of TV like...

Smallville (sometimes I get addicted to how dumb and cheesy it is and have to watch it several episodes at a time. Thank goodness I bought season 5 as medicine for this sickness.)

Battlestar Galactica
Season 4 (the bro is sick today, so we watched it for a while, whilst his fever raged. The countdown to the final 10 episodes is on!)

Arrested Development (pieces and parts of my favorite episodes)

Plus a surfing documentary that I was watching yesterday when the power went off. So, yeah, lots of TV watching and wasting the day away. Be back tomorrow with my fave movies of 08.

ps...what do you think of the new banner? Not sure if I'm lovin' it yet.

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