January 24, 2009

tap...tap...tap....is this thing on?



Can you hear me?

I've been feeling kinda blog lonely lately.

Just wondering if anyone is still reading.


Katie's Story said...

Maybe you should have a give away contest again??? HeHe!

Chedder Fish said...

Hello! I'm reading! I got your blog link in my reader. Found you through Elsie and Rachel's Class. I'm in Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

I am faithful as well apey.
but I am also your neighbor.
and sometimes it's wierd.

I'm also with Katie.....maybe give away a prize or money or something....


Audrey said...

I read every day. :) No I'm not stalking. LOL I feel the same no one ever comments on my blog either. :) BTW, do you watch Leverage?

cottage girl said...

Thanks for the love everyone!

Katie (and J):
I'm actually planning a give away for the future. Stay tuned...

Cheddar Fish:
Welcome! Glad you stopped by. Can't wait to start our class! Have you found any good thrift/craft stores in B-more?

Are you saying I'm weird? Or what I write is weird? Or it's weird to talk to me on the blog instead of in person? Yes to any of those questions would be pretty much accurate. ps...you need to start a blog.

I should comment more on yours cause I DO read. I love seeing pictures of the girls. And no I don't watch Leverage. Should I?

Katie's Story said...

Well, now you have my attention! I LOVE giveaways!
(And, of course I read your blog. I love it. You should post one of your stories that you wrote when we were young. I always read those too.) ;)

tp said...

i read too!!
also, don't you think it should be J-lu, instead of J-lo? That could be her blog-name.

stephanie said...

i read :)

Diana said...

I'm here. Even though I'm days behind. Life just doesn't allow me much computer time right now.