January 27, 2009

wouldn't you know it...

After yesterday's post, I woke up to a very bright window. Unusually bright. Bright white.

Oh, yes, it was snowing. Dang it. I had taken today off and was hoping to get a pile of errands run today. Things like buying my nephew a birthday present. (he really can't be turning 2, right? It's a dream) Things like going to the post office. Buying necessities like lotion (hey, it's drier than the Sahara right now!).

Instead, I saw snow out of every window of my cottage. The camp director's kids were sledding on our only "hill" on the entire property.

But I decided to brave the elements and go out anyway. I got as far as the first stop sign, and I promptly slid almost entirely through it and narrowly missing a SUV. Lovely. My last experience with icy roads was still to fresh in my mind. Even though the main roads were okay, I was too much of chicken. I made it to the post office box and turned around. I just couldn't take my new car out into certain death or dismemberment.

So, I stayed home. I watch Jack Bauer be...well...Jack Bauer. (last night's ep. was great!). Then I popped in an old movie that we used to watch on snow days when we were kids.

I hadn't seen it in YEARS. I must say that the 70's clothing and style was just fantastic. I saw about 3 shirts/hats/mittens that I loved. And I still remembered so much of the dialogue. It was still funny and sweet.

The snow has slowed, but we are supposed to get ice/freezing rain tonight. Lovely. It is beautiful though. And I still will never get tired of this being my view from my windows.

****Happy B-day to G, one of my faithful readers and friends! Love you!


Katie's Story said...

"Baxter! You're skiing backwards!" HA!

Tiffany said...

how pretty! snow at camp!!! i'm so jealous!! i dreamed about camp the other nite! wish i was there!

Audrey said...

I love the first picture where you can see the kids out your window. That is talent girl!

cottage girl said...

Katie - exactly! And remember when he jams the card into the ancient "computer" and it makes paper fly out. I always loved that part. And Stoutheart, the St. Bernard. So many great memories.

Tiffany - this morning it's nothing but a sheet of ice. Pretty, but dangerous!

Audrey - Thanks!