January 02, 2008

friends in new places

I have to tell you one of the coolest parts of my vacation. It doesn't have anything to do with Mickey or the parks or Disney buses (although all of those things were pretty much awesome.)

A couple months ago, don't remember exactly when, I got a comment on my blog from a girl I didn't know. After looking at her blog, she seemed so cool that I had to comment back. We've been email commenting for a while now. Well, I realized that I was going to be close to her when I went to FL, so I sent her a note asking if she wanted to meet "face to face." She replied with an enthusiastic yes and so we set a date and a time and a place.
I told my family about it, to which my brother laughed. "An internet friend?! She could be a scary stalker." My mom, while verifying our plans for the day, said, "Now remember you don't know her, really. I don't think it would be a good idea to get in a car and go somewhere with her." I laugh about it now (and then, too) because I felt like I "knew" her already. She said the same thing when we met. The thing was that we both loved Jesus, and I knew that was all that mattered.
We met and talked and laughed and had an amazing time. We talked about what God was doing in our lives and what our families were like and what our "real" names were and where we lived since both of us kept it vague on our blogs. It was such an encouraging, fun time. I'm so thankful that God brings friends into my life in all different kinds of ways. I'm thankful that she left a comment and that we've been able to "chat." She is so fun and God is so evident in her life.

It was so cool to meet you, my friend! So cool. Thanks for driving so far to meet. I hope we can do it again. Thanks for being such a glowing light of Jesus. I know He has amazing plans for you in the future!

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