September 08, 2011

you and you

I'm so thankful that God chose you and you to be my younger two.

He could have chosen anyone really.

Someone who didn't get my sense of humor.
Someone who didn't share my ridiculous love of TV.
Someone who didn't have an active imagination
Someone who wasn't creative.
Someone who didn't make me laugh.
Someone who wouldn't listen to me.
Someone who didn't love me and watch out for me.

Lucky for me, He gave me you and you.
The two people in the world that get me.
The two people in the world I would chose over anyone else to spend time with.
The two people that I actually talk on the phone with (a miracle in itself).
The two people in the world that I love so dearly.

And for that, I will be forever grateful.


stephanie said...

wonderful family picture!!!!! The change up to the blog has me thrown.....i feel like i'm sliding sideways to the left or something....but I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually :)

cottage girl said...

I feel the same way. Still tinkering. Thanks for the feedback!

Our Family said...

I agree, A. I feel the same way about you and T. Love you! XO