September 12, 2011

♥ it

I still have so many photos from when my whole family was together last month. This one is a favorite, of course. All together in one shot. That's a miracle.

Don't you love looking at the little details of photos of your family.

Like how Luke is holding on to my dad's leg for dear life. He adores his Pop-Pop.
How my parents are arm in arm.
How my brother has his hand on my shoulder. This is a big deal, folks.
How Eliza is all snuggled up to her mommy (who turned at just the right angle so we could see her) asleep.
How Evelyn is miss independent all by herself in the front.
How my dad is in his work clothes because he had zipped over from work to meet us at the museum.
How good my hair looks. Wait, did I just type that?

Love it.


stephanie said...

your hair DOES look great! :) great photo!

cottage girl said...

Why thank you, friend! What you can't see: the ridiculous dead ends from a summer of hot sun, salt water and pony tails. I need a hair cut, like bad.

bevgo said...

thanks for sharing. priceless.

cottage girl said...

This is one of the best ones we've had recently, don't you think? Need to frame it...