September 22, 2011


(taken at the Natural History Museum when the fam was here)

Well, golly gee wilikers. (we had a counselor this summer actually say those words in complete sincerity several times. it never got old.)

It's been nuts around here with no end in site until NEXT Friday.

Thankfully, there is huge helping of friends and laughter to balance out the long hours and early mornings. And lots of fun music to sing along to with those friends while we are washing dishes and chopping various food items.

I'm trying my darndest keep a good attitude during our 2 weeks of insanity. I want to enjoy my life and not dread stressful times. I'm learning to focus on just the day in front of me and not freak out about about the 8 more after it. (OCD/planner downfall) I'm trying to be thankful for small things like Hershey bars with almonds at snack shop; Arrested Development and Modern Family on Hulu while we tab and label 6,377 (actual number) newsletters; 60's and 70's hits on Pandora while we work in the kitchen. Being so tired that it's almost funny; Boat rides, even if I do get sea sick.

So, yes, it stressful and busy. Yes, I'm getting up earlier than I would like for more days in a row than I would like. But that's life. And it's still an adventure. It's still fun when you share it with friends. And I still have 30 minutes to blog every once in a while. I say that's a win/win.

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