September 06, 2011

a month, please

Last night, I asked my dear friend if I could come and see her and how long I could stay, this was her reply...

"Well, I was hoping for a month."

And she was totally, 100% serious. I was blown away. I reminded her that she has a family and a busy life and she would be adding one extra person into all of that. And again she replied,

"I know. You'll just come along with me, and it will make everything better."

Um, choking back tears of appreciation and affection, I answered,

"Okay, I wasn't expecting that. I'll see what I can do."

She again said a month would be the bestest thing ever, but she would be happy with whatever I decided. But, please, come for a month, she repeated again.

Sometimes there is nothing more wonderful in the world than to know that you are wanted...

post script....I have stories and photos to share, but I didn't want to replace Julie Andrew's picture yet. It just hits me...right...there. Oh, and I was too lazy to download the photos from my camera. There's that too.

1 comment:

stephanie said...

Well I think having you along with me for a month would be wonderful too! :) And especially now that the kids are in school you and I would have tons of girl time all day from 7:30 to 4! Have a great time on your break wherever you choose to go....but don't be surprised because I"m willing to bet you have literally dozens of friends whose lives would be brighter if you spent time with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a wonderful friend!