September 14, 2011

a night with the symphony

A few weekends ago, when the weather was beautiful, I went to the park. Each year, the local symphony does a free show at the park. Outside. Blankets and lawn chairs. Picnic dinner.

The Bro and I went a few years ago and really enjoyed it. But since he abandoned me for Utah a few years ago, I had to find some new favorite people to bring. This event is actually a really great way to introduce kids to the symphony. They can run around and be loud and no one cares.

And people like me and my friend, J, who love the symphony can get our fix for free. Free is good.

The parentals were also nice enough to make the trek out to enjoy it with us, too. We never went to the symphony when I was a kid, but I don't think it was because my parents don't love it. It's just so darn expensive. They seemed to enjoy the whole experience. And I loved enjoying it with them.

Here's a small piece they played from a movie soundtrack. The strings are unbelievable in this. I'm a sucker for the violin. It makes me melt.

All in all, it was a spectacular night. Finished off a great weekend of free entertainment. The night before had been our river's fireworks show. It always happens on Labor Day weekend instead of the 4th. Why? Well the person who puts it on said that the traffic was nightmarish on the 4th because of the peninsula (one road in, one road out). Plus, he does a pretty great show and can make more $$ if he can do another one on the fourth and do ours later. I'm ok with that. And I would say that seeing as how the river was full of about 5,000 boats that night, the rest of the local community does too.

Fireworks in September has become a new tradition that we've grown to love the last few years. We can sit on our piers and watch it right in front of us. It's pretty amazing. When they forget half the grand finale fireworks though and decide to set them off as the barge floats by my house at 11pm....well, that gave me a heart attack. I thought it was another earthquake...

Slightly earthquake terrified,

Cottage Girl


harry said...

Don't foget the ICE CREAM after the symphony. 'yum'

bevgo said...

it was a great night!

cottage girl said...

How horrible of me to forget Menchie's?! I love any time I can share Menchie's with someone new. Glad you liked it, Poppa.

And yes, Momma, it was a GREAT night! Thanks so much for coming. That made it all the more wonderful.