September 15, 2011

Welcome back, TV. I missed you.


I never would have guessed that the show I was most excited to see when the new TV season rolled around was The Vampire Diaries. But, dear goodness, I've been having mini-giddy freakouts all day. Tonight, season 3 is finally here.

And while we're on the topic of TV, let's talk about the list for this Fall, shall we? I get as excited for returning shows and new, fun ones as the boys around here do for football and fantasy football. I have the worlds I can't wait to visit again and the new ones that are just waiting to be discovered.

The Returners:
The Vampire Diaries (gaaa. it's my favorite right now.)

Chuck (its last season. no more Chuck or Morgan or Jeffster? say it isn't so!)

Parenthood (premiered Tuesday. had an awesome FNL mention. such good writing)

Grey's Anatomy (embarrassing to admit, but I got hooked again)

Parks and Rec (best comedy on TV last year. sorry Modern Family)

30 Rock (looking a little sad around the edges, but I still love that Liz Lemon)

Modern Family (a new Lily? What?!! SO not happy about this.)

The Good Wife (still watching season 2 DVDs. wow. it's super good.)

The Big Bang Theory (Miyim Bialik? Blossom? who would have thought?! She's hilarious)

Mad Men (next year...sad.)

Nikita (just finished season 1 and loved it)

The Walking Dead (perfect for Halloween)

On the Fence:
(aka: last season was pretty awful and I might not care this year)
Gossip Girl (it's not fun anymore. just boring.)

Glee (actually I gave up last year at the halfway point. Done with it. with strong opinions about why.)

Newbies I'm ready to try out:

***side note: I usually like to wait a few weeks and catch up online so I don't get hooked on something that will be cancelled in 3 episodes.
The Secret Circle (I love a good CW teen show)

Ringer (I still miss Buffy...)

Person of Interest (JJ Abrams. Why not?)

American Horror Story (Connie Britton? I'll try it.)

Up All Night (already on the DVR waiting to be watched)

Terra Nova (I want one good sci fi show to love)

My name is Cottage Girl, and I love TV. I really ♥ TV.

And I'm so curious to know what you are excited to see return.
And what new shows are you excited to try out?
Do share.
Then I won't feel like such a TV nerd...


Russanna said...

Parenthood! I think it's the best show on tv. I think I'll hang with Ringer for a bit to see where it goes and of course, the Secret Circle. I'm going to Netflix Vampire Diaries and get caught up soon. We also love Modern Family, 30 Rock, and Bones, although the premiere for Bones is forever away! Happy tv watching!

cottage girl said...

3 cheers for Parenthood! Did you watch Friday Night Lights? Same writer/producer and literally the best show on TV ever.
I've never tried Bones. David Boreanaz will always be Angel to me....
Thanks for sharing, Russanna.

Our Family said...

This is a side comment. I tried to find The Good Wife on Nexflix and ended up watching the movie instead of the show. Yeah. Not the same AT ALL! My mouth actually dropped open in shock/horror. Next time you recommend something to your little sister tell her if it's a tv show or a movie, k? ;)

Gina said...

the new Lily is my therapists' niece. Crazy huh? Too bad our tv is prob dead and I will die along with it without my programs.

cottage girl said...

Sis: I had no idea it was a movie too. Don't know if the show is on Instant. It is really good though. Let's just consider that pay back for the time you broke the Young Riders tape and made me think it was me...for years.

G: Crazy! I'm sure she's wonderful. I just LOVED the old little Lily and her big eyes and sweet face. I'm gonna miss her.