September 30, 2011


For a little while there, I didn't think I would make it to today.
I think I actually uttered those words aloud yesterday.
Several times.
Especially when I began work at 6am and didn't finish until 10pm. it is.
Friday night.
And a weekend of freedom.
I had 2 of the craziest, most exhausting weeks I've had in years.

And now, I'm so ready to jump back into writing.
I start to feel a little pent up, if I can't write something.
Even nonsense.
Just a few sentences every day.

Anyway, fun plans for the weekend.
Apple picking with friends.
My camera is begging to be used in the orchard.
Maybe a movie.
I've been wanting to see 50/50 since I first saw the previews months ago.
Love a good cry fest.
And love that Joseph Gordon.
Then, let's see...
There's a few crafty, fun things I haven't had time to start yet.
Grocery shopping.
Yes, I know.
You're jealous.
Of my grocery shopping.
And I may squeeze in some time to empty out the DVR.
I think I have about 15 hours to watch.
Most exciting thing on the agenda... work.

And so, my friends, I have missed you.
Quite a bit, actually.
I will do my best to fill this space again.


Cottage Girl


Allison Drew said...

Well, I will be looking forward to a post full of pictures from apple picking. It's definitely something I miss out on by living in Florida. Enjoy you much deserved weekend!!

cottage girl said...

But you have lovely, warm weather. I would trade apple picking for that, I think. I'm dreading the cold with every ounce of my being this winter!