September 16, 2011

Fall smoothie

I've been slowly saying goodbye to my smoothie breakfast as the weather has turned a bit cooler. Sad. I do miss it. But when it's cold in the morning and I live and work in old buildings that don't really hold the heat, well, the ice cold smoothie must go.

But a few morning ago, I whipped up a little breakfast treat that I've been loving. It's easier than easy. Here's the recipe. Are you ready? It's really complicated.

1 banana
1 spoonful of peanut butter (I like the non-processed, separated peanut butter that actually tastes like peanuts. Trader Joe's being my favorite. Dry roasted peanuts and salt are the only ingredients.)
a splash or two of milk (2% is my personal fave, but whatever you want is fine.)

If you're feeling really crazy, you can add a bit of chocolate syrup. It adds a hint of sweet delightful chocolate that sends it over the top delicious.

I'm excited to try out a few more recipes like this one for the fall. Maybe a pumpkin spice? Now that sounds positively sinful.

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