September 19, 2011

Emmy loves

Her dress. Hellllo. I love Kate. Her hair and make-up were perfect too.

Kaley's dress. It was my personal favorite. I would love to see it in real life because it just WOWed me through the TV. That lace....ugh. It's adorable.

When Coach won his Emmy. I was jumping and squealing with glee.
Such a wonderful surprise.

I can't stop thinking about the dress Amy Poehler wore. That color...I never knew fabric came in that most perfect of shiny blues. I LOVE how simple it is too. Love, love, love.

And this whole thing. Oh, my goodness. Of course, it was Amy Poehler's idea.

I know.
I know.
Enough with the TV posts, Cottage Girl.
Let's talk about something else already.
I will.
Emmy just gets me all TV excited!
I can't help myself.
And Friday Night Lights freakin' won two!
It was Christmas morning in my TV world.

The end.

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