September 23, 2011


I can tell that the cool fall weather is soaking into my very being. I'm suddenly attracted to every knitted and crocheted beauty I find.


I'm still resisting the cooler weather with every ounce of me, but the thought of warm cabled things does make it better.

(can't find original source)

Something warm to cuddle up with. Maybe even a granny square.


And wait until you see what my sister made me for my birthday earlier this year. It just about cool enough to pull it out. Exciting.


I'm still not entirely happy about you being here, Fall. But I guess I'll look for the silver lining and take the good with the cold.


Our Family said...

I want that cabled throw!!! I wonder what size needles they used.

cottage girl said...

I know! Imagine how thick that yarn is, too.