May 24, 2011

Let's just call it the Scotland photo parade

I'm running out of mental capacity lately. My world is consumed with water snakes, crabs, boat training, Bible study binding, T-shirt folding, staff T-shirt ordering, vacuuming, phone answering, meetings, email replies, hoards of ants and their demise, talking with children and 1,000 other little things. By the time I get home at the end of the day all my creativity and awake-ness is spent.

So, I'm resigned that my blogging will be light and not filled with much of substance in these moments. That's ok. One day when I look back on post #1705 (wow) I'll remember what I was going through.

I'm writing to remember how I was covered in ants 2 separate times today. Found their hiding place and they weren't happy. Yes, it was gross. Twice.

I'm writing to remember the Indiana Jones pile of snakes (Raiders of the Lost Ark when he's put in the pit of snakes, anyone?) that I saw in the wetlands. It took everything in me not to run away and front of all the children who were leaning in closer to see them better. Crazy kids. Those snakes are in my river, where I will spend the next 10 weeks. Gaaaaa.

I'm writing to remember that it was the first hot day of the year. I had to wear sunscreen all day. It was sweaty and perfect. Shorts, flip flops, sleeves rolled up over my shoulders. It. Was. Amazing.

I'm writing to remember that I came home a the end of a long day and was ready for bed at 8:30. I didn't even plant any of the 35 plants on my porch that are still in their plastic planters. Instead, I watched a little bit of I Am Number Four (it's worse than the book) and was sad for Hollywood. And then popped in one of the last episodes of FNL and instantly felt better about Hollywood . Only 3 more episodes left. Noooooo!

And I'll remember that Winnie went home tonight and I got to see my parents for 20 minutes.

And with that, post #1705, I bid you good night.

It's 9:45pm and I'm freaking tired.

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