January 18, 2012


I watched HP #7 Part 2 today.  Decided to be totally lazy and sit down and watch it, start to finish.  Mostly because it was a free rental on Amazon Instant and it was about to expire.  But second mostly....I've been wanting to watch it again after being disappointed by it the first time in the theater.  While it still wasn't my favorite one of the bunch (Order of the Phoenix is it for me, of the movies at least), it was a little better the second time.  Still not enough character developement.  So many small moments that were much better in my head or the emotions were conveyed differently than I would have done it. And still hated how they did the epilogue.  Oh, how I hated it!

Anyway....rambling in HP world, sorry......I jumped online to find this pin to post. 

(I have searched high and low for the source and can't fid it any where.  So sorry, amazing artist who drew this)

It has been stuck in my head since the moment I found it online.  Just loved the way it conveyed the whole tone of the epilogue that I loved (and not the one in the movie).

As I was looking around online, I found another amazing artist (Viria13 on deviantart [be warned: deviantart can be risque, so click with caution!]) with the most incredible work.  Seriously. I've been looking at her drawings all day.  I'm obsessed.... 

Harry and Ginny

The HP crew

The death of Fred

Harry and Ginny

 "Never Like This" Ginny, George (and Fred) (don't you just love how George looks kinda sad and happy at the same time)

Hermione, Harry and Ron

Oh, there are so many more, but I'll stop there.  If we're friends on Pinterest, I'm sure you are sick of all my HP pins from today, but I just couldn't help myself.  Her drawings captured me today.  Thank you, Viria.

I'm completely jealous of anyone who can draw like this.  To be able to get on to paper the worlds that are floating around in my head....that would be such a gift.  And to be able to draw them like this?  Wow.  I so, so wish I could. 

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Nick and Kaley said...

wow. i love those. and i agree with you. hp 7 pt 2 was a little disappointing. esp when harry puts voldemort in a headlock. really?!