January 17, 2012

With him

A few more.  This time of the boy himself.  And the scenery too, of course.  I like to squeeze him in to show the immensity of the surroundings. 

Canyonlands.  Please excuse the dust on my lens.  It was kinda windy up here.  We were literally standing on the very edge of a huge cliff looking out over the canyons.  Notice he is taking a photo with one camera while another is slung over his left hip. Because one camera is never enough in our family. 

Arches.  You can pick him out by his mustard yellow coat.  So tiny in that big archway.  This place was incredible.  Absolutely awe-inspiring. 

All hipster.  Headed to Nancy.  Two cameras again.  Always two cameras.  And please note that back drop.  Um, wow. 

Canyonlands.  With his sister.  On that cliff edge again.  We were joking that our sister would have peed her pants and ran away the moment she happened upon this cliff.  She doesn't do heights.  We, on the other hand, sat there for a while with our feet hanging off the side tossing rocks over.  It was ridiculously humbling to be so small there. 
*note to self.  get rid of those old ugly yoga pants, please.

My favorite.  He had been longing (and mentioning about 5,000 times) how much he wanted to climb.  He's big into rock climbing right now.  So anytime he could scramble up a rock or two, he did.  And I, of course, took that opportunity to capture the moment on "film."   

This spot was icy cold.  It's funny because when my mom saw this photos, she was saying that when they were there several years ago it was 98 degrees outside and they about melted and had to run from the sun.  We actually ran to the sunshine just so we could feel our fingers again. 

Yes, I still have more photos.
Also, these are mostly SOOC.
 I bumped the contrast a bit on one of them, but other than that they are 100% the way God made it. 
Except for that darn dirt on my lens.

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