January 06, 2012

Pool and notes

I've been thinking about our perfect Florida weather this week while I've been in the cold, cold land of long winters.  We had the weather I would ask for if I was placing an order at a drive-thru.  The warm sunshine.  The slightly cool breeze at night.  The almost-hot-enough-to-make-you-sweat, but not really too hot.  I think it will be the temperature in Heaven.  But then again, I love it hot, so it could be 90 degrees and I'd be perfectly happy.

We had a little pool at the house my parents rented for the week.  To say the kids loved it would be a gross understatement.  But I guess we all kinda loved it.  There's something that makes you feel almost devilish, swimming in the middle of the winter months.  Well, I guess that's true for those of us that have cold winter days to endure for 5 months of the year.  We used that pool quite a bit even with our long days at the parks.

On another note:  I'm finishing up Legend currently.  It's a slow start, but an interesting story.  Don't know if it will make the favorite list, but it's been a fun read.

Second note:  I missed Vampire Diaries last night and am cursing the ridiculous CW for not putting their shows online the day after they air.  Who waits a week to show an audience their show?  Who?!

Final note:  I'm beginning the grieving process about not going to Sundance this year.  I think it's finally hit me.  Oh, I'm going to miss it and miss spending that fun week with my brother!

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