January 31, 2012

treasure hunting

I hit the jackpot at my favorite local antique store the other day.  This rarely ever happens for me.  So when I found 2 things I loved and that fit in my tight budget, I gave myself a pass to get them.  Kinda makes up for the 15 other times I have gone and have been good about not buying that one thing I really loved but couldn't really afford.

Will you just look at these beauties. Truth time....I saw Rachel from Smile and Wave with a tall ship necklace that she got at thrift store and have been looking for one similar to it ever since.  Basically I fell in love with hers and have been dying to have one.  You may remember my slight tall ship addiction.  When I saw these in the glass case at the shop, I about fell over.  Not only that, but they were affordable.  Not super-thrift-store cheap, but well within a decent amount.  I practically ran to the counter to ask the lady to open the case so I could get them.
I'm planning on putting them on a chain to wear as a necklace cause earrings aren't really my thing.  They are the perfect size for a small delicate necklace (my favorite).  I wish you could see them in real life because they are just adorable.  Light.  Delicate.  Detailed.  Perfect.

And then there are these two.  Oh, my.  Another favorite obsession.  Silhouettes.  When I was talking to the lady at the shop, and I told her that this was the other item I wanted out of the locked case, she said, "oh that is quite a find.  This booth owner probably has them marked down really well too."  And she did.  So the instant they touched my hands, and I saw they were hand cut originals (!!), I said, "I'll take them." (not the norm for this indecisive girl, let me tell you.).  Those oval frames.  And the fact that they aren't in perfect condition.  The frames are scratched and slightly dented and there are marks on the white paper which is slightly yellowed like they have been hanging somewhere, loved for years and years.  Each detail makes me love them more.  Can't wait to put them on my wall.

It was one of the golden (no pun intended) days where the thrift store and antique store blessings were abounding.  Ever have those days were something clicks and it's like the Lord just leads you to the right shelves at the right times and it's like you were meant to find those things?  They are rare and far between, but I think that's what makes them all the more magical.


Allison Drew said...

Wow. Those silhouettes are absolutely perfect. What a great find!!

Our Family said...

Awesome necklace! I'll need to keep my eyes out for something like that. I think today might just be another thrift shop day for me :)

cottage girl said...

I'm jealous of your thrift stores. They are head and shoulders above our ridiculously expensive ones.