January 29, 2012

Sunday review

Made a new outfit out of old clothes in my closet. After not having most of my clothes for 3 months it feels like my wardrobe has doubled overnight.

Heard from the Lord in amazing ways at my church this morning. It's good to be back.

Went to see "The Artist." Yes,
all the hype is true. It really is that fantastic. I fell in love with Peppy's hats and 1930's hair.

Ate normal meals. First time since Wednesday. Goodbye nasty virus.

Got to sit and chat with camp friends about the upcoming summer. First time in a long time.

Had a great reflection time, journaling and processing. My head always feels less crazy and jumbled when I can get the words out.

Listened to Dario Marianelli's beautiful compositions from the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack as I went to sleep and marveled over the delicate beauty of the piano and the violin.

Goodnight, Sunday.
You've been quite lovely.

Cottage Girl

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