January 02, 2012

I've packed my bags for the 4th time.  Heading out to the frozen tundra to the abode of my sister and her munchkins.  A long, long drive, but worth it.  Definitely worth it.

I'll be adding the 5th state (places I've stayed at least one night or more) to my sabbatical list.  And I'm now entering the last 30 days of my 3 month adventure.  Can't even believe it.  How has it gone by so fast? 

I'll pop in when I can (read: when my sister lets me borrow her laptop).  Here's to long road trips with Harry Potter #7 (for the 27th time), Mark Driscoll and Matt Chandler sermons on the Zune. 

ps...I love this black and white version almost more than the color. 

pss...I still miss Photoshop.  So very much.  So...very...much.

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