January 09, 2012

Nobody...is ever gonna bring me down

I've returned yet again.

I sang lots of showtunes in the car.

I think roadtrips require Broadway sing-a-longs.

Don't you?

Is there anything better than belting out "Defying Gravity" while you are sitting in rush hour traffic?

Well, of course there are better things, I suppose, but would anything else calm your need to break all the traffic laws and just drive on the shoulder. 

Speed by all those annoying people who chose to drive on the same exact road that you are at the same exact time. 

The nerve of them....

But singing...
Paper faces on parade,

Yes, that feels much better.

Thankfully, all those people can't hear my silly singing voice.

They can, however, see my face as I really get into the words of the songs.

See it because we've now been driving next to each other at a 10 mph crawl for the last 20 miles.

Yes, these are the joys of showtunes in the car during rush hour traffic.

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