January 07, 2012


The kids got to pick out a toy at one of the parks we went to.  My nephew got a stuffed dolphin from Sea World (his favorite park.  He loves sea animals).  My niece chose these from Disney World (her favorite park because she got to meet Tinkerbell).  How sweet.

I'm not much of a souvenir girl anymore.  My take-homes are my photos.  I just need to be better about printing them out and enjoying them in front of me.  That a goal for this year.  Printing out photos in various forms to enjoy them.  Then I can have gems like this one sitting around to make me smile when they catch my eye.  


leslie.kidd said...

I pretty much love what you niece picked out!! So very cute!!

cottage girl said...

She's such a girly, girl. She loves her "babies."