December 06, 2007


Do you remember 14 years ago?

I was in my senior year of high school (praises be, it was almost over!).

It was a good year in TV world.

ER began. Remember those days of drooling over how cute this new actor named George Clooney was? And loving Mark Green and Susan. And thinking how young and naive Carter was when he talked to Dr. Benton. And how pretty Carol, the nurse's hair was. And that totally new way of using the camera on TV. It followed people around! Crazy! And the stories that made you cry (Love's Labor Lost...bawled my eyes out). It was TV magic. Top of the charts for years. Won gobs of awards.
I've been a pretty loyal viewer over the years. I've missed an episode here and there (the college years with the "no TV" rule and hall meeting on Thursdays at 10pm. The horror! Us Dorm 20-2 hall dwellers often complained about that!). It had it's good years and bad. It's good story lines (Africa with Carter and Luca, Dr. Greene's death: another cry fest, Carol's goodbye episode with a cameo from Doug, Abby's mom: every scene she's in (the amazing Sally Field. I said out loud that she would get an Emmy the first scene she did on the show. Yup, I was right!) to name a few) and the bad (Dr. Corday and Dr. Benton dating, Ray looses both his legs, Dr. Malucci: hated him). I still love it. The last 3 seasons have been fantastic. Not as great as it was those first few years when it was still new, but still fantastic. It's still Must See for me on Thursdays.

Congratulations ER on your 300th episode tonight! It takes some serious hard work and a little magic to make quality TV for 14 years and running. Here's hopin' the powers that be in TV world give you another season to shine!

**pics from my LA trip in '06. I was a smiling idiot when we got to go the ER set. IT WAS JUST THAT COOL. And much smaller than it looks!

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