December 06, 2007

Hi, my name is.....

....and I am a perfectionist.

(a mug shot type photo for Kiefer, who began his jail term today. Seriously, Kiefer, Jack Bauer would have known better....)

I read this article yesterday. Ali's AEzine. It's always filled with cool ideas and links. Well, today it struck a cord with me. She was talking about the things that keep us from being creative. Fear, being afraid. Not like you are afraid of snakes (um, yeah!) or scary movies (heck, yeah!) or shots (passing out now...). But all the stupid things like messing up or making it perfect. I'm totally guilty of those two. I will sit down to do something creative like an art journal page or paint and not get anything done after 2 hours. It drives me insane. I feel like there are a million ideas in my head, and I can't get one of them out.
Well, starting today, I'm going to do better. I'm not going to over think everything. I'm just going to create and whatever comes out is OK. Good or bad. Cool or not. It doesn't have to win an award. It doesn't have to be the last thing I will ever do.
All of you who have the same excuses about creating, check in on some of Ali's advice. It may help you too. Don't say "I can't because it won't be as good as _____." Who cares! It's yours. Are you happy with it? Then that's all that matters. Create away!

OK, who's in charge of reminding me about this and shoving it back in my face when I get stuck again? Anyone? Anyone?

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