December 03, 2007

human barometer

"Aunt Meg called him the human barometer." as quoted from the great movie Twister.

That's exactly how I feel on days like this. It's windy like the black and white scene of The Wizard of Oz. It literally blew me over a couple times. Whenever the barometric pressure drops or rises quickly, I get a splitting headache. I can feel it coming on, so I'll check the weather and sure enough. There goes the barometer.

My grandma is the same way. Human barometers, we are. She gets headaches, too. It's just lovely when you have something like that passed down to you, isn't it? Not perfect skin or genius brains. No, I get the headaches...

This is my excuse for a lame post today. A barometric pressure headache.

Here's a little eye candy to make it better. One of my favorite fave's from Flickr. And one fave's list (all 10 pages) on Flickr. I go back through it all the time. I think you can tell a lot about someone by the pictures they "fave." What do you think these say about me?

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