December 11, 2007

close to home

Maybe because I work in ministry.
Maybe because my camp "family" is so very close.
Maybe because I understand how working in the trenches of the evil one's battleground unites those of us who fight.
Maybe because their faces could so easily be one of my co-workers instead of their's, if the location had been different.
Maybe because God is reminding me how precious life is.

For whatever the reason, as I was reading about the shootings in CO, it felt so very close to home. Their pictures were so normal, so very like some of our staff pictures. These young 20 somethings. Just like our summer staff. How would I have handled a situation like that? How would we, as a ministry, make sure that Jesus was still #1 in everything we did, even in the press conferences and press releases. Would I proclaim His name faithfully? Would I? I don't know. I pray that I would. I pray that Jesus would be evident in my grief. I pray that I would be able to forgive and love.

My heart is heavy for those YWAM workers left behind.....

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Gina said...

I think I see why it touched so close. Sad, very sad.