December 28, 2007

live and in person

So, I got a web cam for Christmas. Now I can video chat with my sis and Lukes and my parents. And I can take pictures of myself.
Here I am in my messy room. Behind me you can see "the beast" my old monitor, which my parents gave to me and asked that it NOT be returned. I think it's off to the glue factory. My new monitor (thanks, bro) is happily installed in all it's huge flat screen glory.
On the left is a box with leftover Christmas craft present remnants and a picture that I took out of the living room and still haven't done anything with.
Then on my dresser is a cup of water that has been transfered from my desk, which is now all moved around because of said monitor. I drink a lot of water. It's always severely lacking when I go on vacation, so I have to make up when I get home.
My robe is hanging on the backside of the door. Since we have no storage around here, towels are hung on the backs of doors. Lovely, yes, I know. But my robe is a cool black and pink polka dot softy. It's so warm and snuggly.
Note the hair. In a messy ponytail with no regard as to how it looks. Truth be told, I haven't washed it in a couple days. It's been in two Anne of Green Gables braids all day. Sometimes your hair just needs a break from all the chemicals and washing, you know? The Florida water stripped mine. Maybe it will be happier tomorrow.
Finally, I'm wrapped up in a blanket, which is how I do all of my posting in the winter. Lovely is the view from this cottage, yet freezing is the temperature. I forgot how COLD it is in this house!
There you have it. The glamorous life of Cottage Girl. I'm sure you are all so jealous of my mad decorating skills. I guess we can't all excel at everything. Decorator I am not....but oh, how I wish I was.


Katie's Story said...

CALL ME!!! Lukey misses his Auntie! He wants to see your beautiful face!

Gina said...

Is there a video with this post?