December 16, 2007

first day

I must say that no matter how old I get, Disney still holds that weird special place in my heart. Just pulling up to MGM today on our Disney transportation bus, made me smile a huge smile and do a little skip into the gate. I screamed and laughed and loved every minute of the Tower of Terror. And like my mom says, there's nothing like a Disney park all lit up at night. And at's really is pure magic.
I love seeing the kids everywhere in strollers, especially late at night when they are sound asleep, clutching their newly purchased Mickey or Minnie stuffed animals. Luke was one of those kids tonight sans the Mickey. He LOVED looking at everything. Big eyes full of wonder. He watched the shows and stared at the characters.
So, my favorite part of the day....I don't know. Tonight, after we finished at the park. Oh, wait, I do have to say was/is COLD here. Like in the low 50's and into the 40's tonight. We were freezing when we left MGM tonight. It's kinda weird to be at Disney and be cold. I had a winter hat and gloves on tonight....
But my favorite part of the day.... I don't know if I could choose one thing. After we finished at the park, we ate dinner at our resort and then headed back out to look around. We rode the monorail to the Contemporary and just happened to see the water parade on the lagoon. (ok, me and my mom ran like crazy people out the door and down to the dock to watch.) My dad asked me how far back I remembered seeing it. The furthest back was about 4 or 5 years old, or at least that's what I could remember. He thinks it was probably before that. The lights are the same. The dragon, the octopus, the flags and stars. So many memories. Maybe that's the best part. The memories that come along with this place. The utter feeling of magic and fun and it feeling ok to be ridiculously excited about Christmas lights and rides. The smiles and laughter and the fun that goes along with it.
And the knowledge that today was just the first day...

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Anonymous said...

April -- check out this video. For some reason when I saw it, I thought of you - not sure why. I think it's very thought-provoking, even though it's not set in a Christ-centered context. Have fun in Disney!

ps -- i don't know anything else about this site, other than this is where the video is.