December 30, 2007

it changed my world

I've been thinking about doing a year wrap up post. Tried to think of what to say. Tried to think what has impacted my little world this year. Tried to think about what changed me or how I changed myself. Tried imagine who I was 1 year ago. Tried to imagine how different I am now that 365 days have just about gone by.
I'm sure there are many things. Some of those I never shared here. Many, I did. My TV addictions, my new little nephew, pictures, friends, thoughts, verses, books I've read, links I share.
It's still crazy to me that people read my ramblings. I think do this mostly for myself. I like to re-read over what I write. I like to get a glimpse into my past in a more tangible way than "oh, remember when..."
But then again, I love telling each of you things. I love knowing that someone else is going to read this too. I love that I can share something that I've found or am enjoying.
I love that each of you read. I read each and every comment you write. I count it a privilege that you take time out of your day to read something that I write. It truly means a great deal to me. The greatest compliment any artist can receive is to be validated in their form of expression.
So, in all of my thinking about the year that has gone by, I wanted to just say how much Flickr has impacted my life this year. It has enhanced my photography in ways that I know are just beginning to bubble to the surface. It changed the way I look through my viewfinder. I found many, many photographers that are constantly pushing me outside my little box of what I think a picture should be. It helped me learn Photoshop. It taught me what Actions were.
I click over there way too many times a day to see what new pieces have been uploaded. I have tons of pictures in my "fave" folder. I get giddy when a photographer I admire leaves a note on my shot. It changed my photography for the better. It's helping me discover my own style.
OK, I've rambled on way too long. Too many rabbit trails. Short version....I "heart" Flickr.

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year April! Loved reading about Disney...can't wait to take Jake one day. I write this as I am sitting in the lobby of a hotel in Chattanooga, TN. My daughter woke up at 5:30am. That's fun. We took the kids to the acquarium yesterday. So fun. Chattanooga is a cute little city. I had no idea. Keep the posts comin. WE LOVE APRIL!!!