December 31, 2007

for once I'm happy about the Writer's Stike

Cause now I get to see all the fun shows that I haven't watched yet this season. This way, I know it won't be pulled from the schedule after I get hooked after 2 episodes. I've been burned by the networks before, so now I wait. I love NBC and their full episodes online. Catching up is easy.

2 of my favorites so far (another being Sarah Connor Chronicles, which hasn't aired yet, but I got to see early. It's GOOD tv, guys. Sci fi fun.)

Chuck (NBC) Funny, great characters, fun idea, and I love the geeky main character. Always been a sucker for the nerds. And, of course, Adam Baldwin (Jayne of Firefly).

Gossip Girl (CW) I didn't want to like this one cause I am in a fight with the CW for canceling too many shows to count in the last 2 years. GG is silly, high school, cheesy fun. You want to stop watching so badly, but you can't. Dan is my favorite.

Couple more I want to try while TV is on hiatus. Pushing Daisies and Mad Men. And then Lost will start. And Battlestar in April. Hard to believe, but I actually watch less TV than I used to. It's a life long addiction I tell you....

In closing, I got a super cool phone call today. Our cottage line rang, which we rarely ever answer cause it's usually telemarketers. Anyone who knows us, calls our cells. I picked it up on the off chance that it may be a call I wanted to get. Then I heard that pause and then a person beginning his long winded shpeel. Rats...shouldn't have answered. But then to my utter excitement, the guy on the other line said he was from Nielsen ratings. We were chosen to do a diary for the sweeps month of February. Sweet! I get to write down what I watch and it will actually make a difference and go into their ratings summaries for sweeps month. The shows I like will get counted. I'm super excited about it!

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