December 09, 2007

happy thoughts

My DVD player scrolls the words..."WELCOME....TO.....DVD......WORLD".....when I turn it on. Makes me smile every time. Then when I turn it off it blinks..."BYE". How polite!

The Sleepless in Seattle soundtrack. I forgot how magical it was. Haven't listened to it in forever. I sang along as I baked today.

Church was SO good this morning we sang 3 of my favorite P&W songs. It made me cry. I love when God feel that tangible.

Craft time. I waited way too long to start on my Christmas projects, but they are so much fun I don't even mind! Will post pictures after they are given to their new owners.

I get to baby sit the "little one" tonight. She's my Luke substitute. I miss you Lukey! Only one more week to go!

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Gina said...

My little Martha!