December 13, 2007

So, I'm sure you have stupid things you love, too..

Two times in the last 24 hours. 2! And I may watch it one more. I must say, it's a great "packing for vacation" movie cause you don't have to pay close attention to the story. Plus, the music is stupidly, perfectly, delightfully fun and addicting.
I'm totally using the excuse that I HAD to watch it before I left for Disney because there will be shows there about it. You can bet on that one. And wouldn't I look stupid if I only knew the songs and the story from the first one? (no comments on me looking stupid just GOING to the show. It's freakin' Disney World! I go to shows with the Little Mermaid!) OK, maybe that's a good excuse for the first viewing. The second time around....well...I missed some parts when I was sewing and packing. Yeah, that's right...I missed some parts. I simply had to watch it one more time just to be sure....and because I was already singing the songs and dancing around my room....
Anyway, it's fun. It's clean. It's sweet. It's stupid and crazy. The plot is ridiculous which makes it even more perfect. And, seriously, what high school do kids this gorgeous go to?!!
Um, not mine. Yeah, no way. Not if I squinted really hard and spun around in circles. These two are just adorable! (and dating in real life)
Okay, enough gushing. I loved it. Good fun.
And I must say that I am excited there will be a #3.

See a clip here.
and here (and yes, I laugh at it ,too, every time, but I dare you not to sing it over and over after you hear it. or stare at his eyes for half the song. again, not my high school....)

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