December 12, 2007

Why I give...

I have said before how Shaohannah's Hope is so very near and dear to my heart. I love that, even though I'm not able to adopt at this point in my life, I can give to families who love Jesus and want to open their hearts and homes to a little one who needs a family.
About once a month, I get an email newsletter with 2 stories of families that have adopted along with other news and information. This month, one of the stories touched my heart and I just wanted to share it with all of you.
This family was so grateful and kind in their words. It's so nice to know where your $$ is going when you give to an organization. You sometimes wonder if it makes a difference or if anyone is being helped. But seeing the faces of these little ones and knowing that they are now being loved and being told about makes me cry every time. I pray that these children will grow to love Him and tell others as well.
I love this quote:

"I discovered that, yes, there were other people out there concerned for the children and for truly making a difference for Christ. It is you guys who make what we do possible as parents. Without other brothers and sisters as yourselves, many children would not come to know the Gospel."

I feel like that is so similar to the ministry I do hear at camp. We have so many donors that give of their time and resources and money to support our little ministry here. Because of their generosity, we are able to share the gospel with over 1,000 children each summer. Some of those kids come to know Jesus for the first time. It's humbling to be on the receiving end of that generosity. It's humbling to be used by God here. I forget that too often.
I hope all of you are able to be involved in a ministry that you feel passionate about, whether it's a check once a month or an hour every now and then. Get involved. Do something that has an eternal purpose. Make sure that you are part of the gospel going out into the world. Don't just sit on the sidelines and let someone else help. YOU can make a difference. YOU can be a light.

For more info on Shaohannah's Hope, click here or watch this video. And I double-dog-dare-you not to cry at least once. I haven't made it through with a dry eye yet, and I've watched it a ton of times!

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