June 24, 2008

and I thought yesterday was a long day

Rise and shine @ 7:30am.
Run over to eat breakfast before serving breakfast to the campers at 8:30am.
Finish serving and run to set up crafts for the campers which begin at 9:15.
Finish crafts and rush to clean up and then eat lunch in 20 minutes or less.
Ride bike (to save time) to get the mail and sort through the bazillion packages and cards sent to dearly missed campers.
Print out all 30 dearly missed camper's emails and distribute in boxes.
Run to cottage to change and apply enormous amounts of sunscreen.
Run to pier to jump in the boat to drive for Beach day for the boy campers.
Finish driving 2.5 hours later and run back to office to answer voice mails and finish mail.
Eat dinner in 20 minutes.
Run to finish setting up cameras for first photography class.
Teach photography class (went well I think...).
Decide to take 20 minutes and watch the campers play American Eagle 1-2-3, my favorite game which has been out of commission for 2 years and is back tonight. Best 20 minutes of my day.
Go to snack shop to get a slurpie.
Go back to house to drop off camera and water flowers outside of my house which are starting to shrivel and die.
Finish slurpie and go back to Chapel till 9:40pm.
Sit and talk with brother and friends till 10:10.
Come home to write blog and try to stay awake until 12:30am when I have to close the gate and make sure all the staff is here.

The staying awake thing is proving difficult. Our TV is broken too, so I can't even use that to help, and I just don't find TV that interesting as of late. I think I'll finally get all the salt water out of my hair and just read for the final 1:45 minutes left of "me" time. I wish it was sleeping instead of reading though. I am dog tired today!

*** thanks for your comments I really needed them!

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